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Agenda - ScalaCamp #6, 23.07.2014

Godzina Temat Prelegent
19:00 - 19:45


Event sourcing and Domain Driven Design are techniques that allow you to model your business more truthfully - by expressing it via commands, events and aggregates etc. The new akka-persistence module, included in Akka since the 2.3 release is aimed at easing implementing event sourced applications. Turns out the actor model and events as messages fit in here perfectly. During this session we'll discover how to build reactive, event sourcing based apps using the new abstractions provided, and investigate how to implement your own journals to back these persistent event sourced actors.


Slides from both presentations.

Konrad Malawski
19:45 - 20:00

Networking drinks, snacks.

20:00 - 20:30

High availability with Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence

In this session we will demonstrate how to turn a simple service from running on a single server to running on an Akka cluster. Thereby we’ll discover various advanced Akka features and patterns, e.g. spray (or Akka HTTP), Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence.


Heiko Seeberger
Konrad Malawski
20:30 - ...


Celebration of Akka's 5th birthday



Konrad Malawski


Konrad is a late-night passionate dev living by the motto "Life is Study!". His favourite discussion topics range from distributed systems and type systems to capybaras. In those rare times he's not coding, he spreads the joy of computer science, through helping local user groups and whitepaper reading clubs. hAkker @ Lightbend

Heiko Seeberger


Heiko Seeberger is Akka Engineer for Lightbend. He has been a Scala enthusiast ever since he came to know this beautiful language in 2008. Heiko has more than 15 years of professional expertise in consulting and software development on the Java platform, actively contributes to Scala community projects and regularly shares his expertise in articles and talks. He is also the author of the German Scala book "Durchstarten mit Scala". Heiko tweets and blogs.


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